A Creativity Hall Pass

For many creative-types, personal work is essential for clearing our heads and re-invigorating creativity. You may have noticed a drop in my attendance to my blog, and before I bombard you with lame excuses for not posting much this summer, like my dog ate my keyboard, or my friend's kid super-glued my laptop shut, or I was too busy eating hamburgers - the honest truth is that when I started this blog it was very much my creative outlet, as well as my main source of inspiration. For whatever reason, my creativity-senses were tingling this summer and told me to find inspiration offline. I guess the answer was to go out in the world and create something just for me. So that's exactly what I did, and hopefully this post will prove that I wasn't neglecting you for nothing.

To my dismay, summer seems to be abruptly drawing to a close. I began working on a project that is very much about summer and feel like now's a good time to share it, as a final so'long for now to summer.

I'd like to expand this body of work and thought a fun way to do that would be to have you to share your long repressed childhood heartaches with me. Then I'll go out and shoot them. What treat would your six year old self have excitedly received and promptly dropped?