Spotted, In Real Life!

In this digital age of instant gratification, I find it thoroughly frustrating that we can produce, shoot, and post-produce a project so quickly but still have to wait and wait for months or even a year (ahem.. cookbooks) to be able to share the work we've been doing. That being said, I've got a handful of fun projects on the go that I have to keep my lips zipped about, so I'm pretty excited to finally be able to share some new work with you!

Lately I've had the pleasure of working with a super rad team over at Ariad, headed by the talented and oh so cool Art Director Marianne Lau. We've been shooting a campaign for Knorr called "What's for Dinner" and our first ad has started to find it's way into stores. We've got three more coming so keep your eyes peeled over the next year

Marianne recently spotted our work at Lowblaws

Marianne recently spotted our work at Lowblaws

Thank you to:

  • Client: Unilever Canada
  • Marketing Manager: Gina Kiroff
  • Sr. Assistant Brand Building Manager: Eva Kyleman
  • Agency: Ariad Communications
  • Sr. Account Director: Josh MacKinnon
  • Sr. Account Manager: Carolyn O’Grady
  • Account Manager: Kate Warnock
  • Head of Design: Marianne Lau
  • Production: Sparks Photographers 
  • Food Styling: Michael Elliot
  • Prop Styling: Christina Yan
  • Producer: Aarin MacKay
  • Exec Producer: Pamela Hamilton